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Purple Wing hip hugger women leather chap

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A shallow cut low rise HIP HUGGER chap that embellished with Wing design and stud detailing. Full length YKK zippers. Leather thigh laces allow for a tailored fit while the cut to fit legs allow length perfection no matter what your height. Yep it's all there except the butt panel - which is why they call them chaps not pants.


Soft Milled Cowhide Leather 1.1 - 1.2mm
Extremely Low Rise Style
Deep pockets for storage 
The pink wing with stud detailing
Laced Back Panel for Waist Adjustment 
Fully Lined with Zipper Buffer Prevents Liner from Catching in the Zipper
Snap Boot Cuffs for Easy On and Off
Unfinished Bottom for Trimming to Correct Length
Heavy Snaps and Original YKK Zippers. Non-Rusting, Non-Corroding
Return/Exchange 30 days Policy
Ships in 1-2 business days
Workmanship Guaranteed

Chaps Size Chart:

All we need is your Thigh measurement. You can always cut to fit length of chap. Waist is also adjustable from back & front belt. 

Thigh: Measure around fullest part of upper leg while standing, usually a few inches down from your crotch seam


3XS = 18 inch
2XS = 19 inch
XS = 20 inch
S = 21 inch
M = 22 inch
L = 23 inch
XL = 24 inch
2XL = 25 inch
3XL = 26 inch
4XL = 27 inch
5XL = 28 inch