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Stud windshield bag - 6 stud

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Sometimes motorcycle saddle bags are overkill for the essentials a biker needs to carry around. A leather tool bag, leather pouch, or windshield bag is often just the right size to hold the essential "stuff". And quality toolbags or windshield bag not only increase your important cargo space, but send the message that you're a serious motorcyclist. Sure, for some people, their bike is an expensive toy, but it can be a serious one!

• Heavy duty, weather-resistant 840 PVC construction with the look and feel of heavy-grained, top   quality leather
• Screws into center of windshield, rear metal mounting bracket
• Anti-Rot, Heavy Duty Nylon Thread Stitching
• Non-Corrosive, Non-Rusting Studs
• Chrome turnbuckle for secure closure
• Conveniently stores items you need access to on the road.
• Capacity: Approx. 2,541 cubic inches


                                                                                    Size in Inches
                                                                   W                          l                            10.5"                         
                                                                   H                           l                             5"
                                                                   D                           l                            3.5"